Безопасная и экологичная бытовая химия Meine Liebe
Oxygen pencil-stain remover, Universal Meine Liebe

Oxygen pencil-stain remover, Universal

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35 gr

Universal stain remover for pre-washing of colored and white fabrics. Safe environmentally friendly oxygen bleach destroys the stain structure, and surfactant molecules remove pollutions from clothes during washing. Thanks to the surface method of removal, the process is harmless to dyed and delicate clothes, and is gentle to fabrics.

Suitable for fresh and old (even after several washes) stains. Recommended for removing traces of lipstick and foundation, coffee, tea, wine, juices, ballpoint pen, iodine, brilliant green, blood, ketchup, soot and greasy stains. Ideal for pre-washing collars and cuffs for men's shirts.

The compact size is convenient for storage and use at home, at work, on trips.

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