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Latex Gloves Universal "Chistenot" (household) with a cuff Meine Liebe

Latex Gloves Universal "Chistenot" (household) with a cuff

size M

There are a lot of little things in our everyday life,  that not only help us, but also protect us from various harmful factors, make the processes for keeping cleanliness and comfort in the house safe.That is why the Meine Liebe brand continues to expand the line of Chistenot accessories, adding in basic range latex gloves for a wide purpose in home cleaning

- Cotton coating inside for hand comfort

- Embossed application on the palm for reliability and comfort when working

- Latex material provides elasticity, strength and durability

- The extended wrist part of the gloves and the cuff guarantee protection of hands, manicure, prevent water and cleaning liquids from flowing inside

Areas of application

cleaning the house, washing floors, washing cars, repair work; washing dishes, washing by hand, work in the garden

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