Безопасная и экологичная бытовая химия Meine Liebe
Lint roller and 4 Refill Packs Meine Liebe

Lint roller and 4 Refill Packs

Benefits of the Lint roller compared to a brush:

- Adhesive tape, which is impregnated with a harmless composition

- Convenient design that makes cleaning easier;

- High-quality adhesive tape perforation and spiral winding ensure easy removal of the used part of the tape;

- Gentle cleaning: the Lint roller does not leave marks and clues on products.

The fun paw handle has a hole with which you can hang the Lint roller on a hook in your dressing room or hallway.

Terms of use

The roller perfectly removes lint, crumbs, dust, pet hair, hair, fluff.
It can be used to clean clothes, soft furniture, carpets, car seats, curtains, pillows, blankets, toys, pet beds.

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