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Dishwasher Tablets All in One, 30 pcs Meine Liebe

Dishwasher Tablets All in One, 30 pcs

Dishwasher Tablets All in One.*

Special biological enzymes and active substances effectively break down food residues and remove persistent pollutions. Safe, biodegradable composition-free of phosphates, phosphonates, chlorine.

Tablets provide delicate care and give Shine to glass and stainless steel products, do not leave streaks.

Prevent the formation of limescale for a longer dishwasher life.

Completely washed off.

Suitable for washing dishes in a wide temperature range from 45°C to 70°C.

Approved by dermatologists: can be used for washing children's dishes.

*For high water hardness (> 20dH) it is recommended to additionally use softening salt and rinse aid.

How to use



It is recommended to use special delicate detergents for cleaning crystal, aluminum dishes, decorative glass products, antique dishes, dishes decorated with gold or other precious metals, handmade porcelain, products with handles made of bone, wood and some types of plastic that are not withstand temperatures above 70 ° C.

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